Embedded Apple Pay


To provide a better user experience to your Apple Pay users, MyFatoorah is providing the Apple Pay embedded payment.

The Apple Pay button can be placed on your checkout page. When your customers click the button, MyFatoorah will direct the customers to the Apple Pay payment sheet page to authorize the payment.


Apple Pay Button


Apple Pay Payment Sheet Page

Apple Pay Activation Steps

To use Apple Pay Button, you need to add Apple pay verification file on your web domain.

  1. Host your domain verification file.
  2. Activate Apple Pay Embedded in the admin panel.

Step1: Host your domain verification file

Create a folder named “.well-known“ in the root path and copy the apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association file which you received from MyFatoorah support team ([email protected]). Replace only the {example.com} with your site URL.




Domain should be TLS (HTTPS) enabled.

Step2: Activate Apple Pay Embedded in the admin panel

From MyFatoorah Plugin Setting in your admin, make sure to make Apple Pay Embedded Enabled.


Apple Pay Activation From Admin