About Integration Types

Integration Types

In this section of the documentation, we explained the different types of integration with MyFatoorah. This guide helps developers to get more understanding about the exact technical end-points and functions needed. It will serve the business accordingly and save the development time and efforts to project the required business needs on the desired API and integration.

We have many integration types, which can be done through different technical interfaces such as API, SDK, or plugins. We are listing below the different types of payment with MyFatoorah; this list is expandable by time:


This document is intended for use by technical teams responsible for developing, executing, and integrating their own system with the MyFatoorah payment platform. It's strongly recommended to have sturdy knowledge about the different HTTP methods (Get/Post) and how they work before proceeding with your integration. For more information about this, you can check this link.

In addition, you must have technical knowledge about API integrations, JSON messages, and how to call and consume APIs. Once you are prepared technically for the integration, we have to define what is needed to validate your account and work with the MyFatoorah API. Let's go!


Minimum TLS version.

The minimum supported version is TLS 1.2. You have to use TLS V1.2 protocol or above.