Test Cards

Payment Gateways Test Cards Details

After Implementing The API integration, you can use the below test cards to perform virtual transactions and make sure everything is perfectly working before going live.

Please, find below test card details for the various payment options we offer.


Test Cards Availability

Not all gateways provide test cards to be used during the development phase. We will keep this list updated as soon as we get any new pieces of information.


Knet Availability

Not all countries support the Knet test gateway.

Test Cards

Card Type Card Number Expiry Date CVC Result
Knet 8888880000000001 09/25 Any 4 digit Captured
8888880000000001 Any Not Captured
Visa/Master 4508750015741019 Any Any
5454545454545454 Any Any
5453010000095539 12/25 300
5123450000000008 Any Any
Benefit 4600410123456789 Any Any 4 digit Captured
4550120123456789 Expired card
4845550123456789 Incorrect PIN
4575550123456789 Refer to Issuer
4895550123456789 Please contact issuer
AMEX 345678901234564 05/21 1000 Unspecified Failure
04/37 Declined
Mada 5297412542005689 05/25 350


Card Holder's Name

Use any two-part name like "test test".