Installation Steps


Upgrade your Shopify Plan

You should upgrade your Shopify plan to be enabled to process your payment.


Before You Start

Kindly, send the below information to your account manager/sales representative to add your data to MyFatoorah Shopify System:

After that, you will receive an email with your MyFatoorah Shopify password which you are going to use in the installation steps.

In Shopify Admin Panel, please, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Click on this link to install MyFatoorah Gateway.

step 1step 1

step 1

Step 2:

Navigate to Settings → payments. From the Payment providers section, click on the Choose a provider button.

step 2step 2

step 2

Step 3:

Search for "MyFatoorah" in the Third-party payment providers text box, then click on the MyFatoorah Gateway. To find the MyFatoorah payment provider, kindly, be sure that your store location is within Gulf countries or Egypt.

step 3step 3

step 3

Step 4:

Enter your Super Master email and MyFatoorah Shopify password correctly in the gateway configuration.

steps 4steps 4

steps 4

Step 5:

Select your desired Accepted Payments payment methods.

steps 5steps 5

steps 5

Step 6:

If you enable the test mode, your order will be marked as a test order in your website admin panel. In case you need to enable test mode for MyFatoorah payments, you can use the below details:


Test mode for MyFatoorah payments

Username: [email protected]
Password: 7?qIjckkfgy

steps 6steps 6

steps 6

Step 7:

Finally, after clicking on the Activate MyFatoorah button, MyFatoorah will be listed in your Payments list. Note that, the Shopify transaction fees change depending on your Shopify plan.

steps 7steps 7

steps 7

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