Shopify (New App)

Installation Steps



If you have already integrated with us before, you don't need to provide the integration information again. Kindly stop the old integration from your side to disable the Shopify update note and keep only the new app as described here.


Upgrade your Shopify Plan

You should upgrade your Shopify plan to be enabled to process your payment.


Before You Start (new users only)

Kindly send the below information to your account manager/sales representative to add your data to MyFatoorah Shopify System:

After that, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 1:

From this link, click on the Add app button. Then, click on the Install app button.


step 1

Step 2:

After installation, it will redirect you to the MyFatoorah setting page.


step 2

Step 3:

Please, choose the desired payment icons to display them on the checkout page.


step 3

Step 4:


MyFatoorah Test Mode.

To enable test mode for MyFatoorah payments, contact the MyFatoorah support team ([email protected]) to switch your store configuration on the MyFatoorah system.

Enable the Test mode option to mark your orders in the Shopify system as test orders. It will not enable MyFatoorah Test Mode.


step 4

Step 5:

Click on Activate MyFatoorah button.


step 5

Step 6:

Finally, MyFatoorah appears in your Settings → payments section. Note that the Shopify transaction fees change depending on your Shopify plan.


step 6

Stop the old integration


Shopify Update Note

To disable the Shopify Update note, please follow the below instructions.

Please deactivate the old app as follows:

  1. Go to Settings -> payments
  2. Click on manage in MyFatoorah (old integration)
  3. Click on deactivate button.

step 1 and step 2


step 3