Drupal 8 – Commerce 2.0

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Installation Steps

Kindly, follow the below steps for installing Drupal extension:

  1. Extract the (*.zip) file provided by Myfatoorah V2.
  2. Copy commerce_myfatoorah_v2 folder into drupal /modules/contrib folder
  3. In admin panel, Extend tab, search for Myfatoorah plugin, select it, and click the install button to install commerce_myfatoorah_v2.
step 3step 3

step 3

Merchant Configurations

In Drupal Admin Panel, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Commerce → Configuration → Payments → Payment Gateways section
  2. Fill in Gateway configuration and use API key as follows
step 2step 2

step 2

Demo Configuration:

Please, choose test Mode, and use demo token without the word "bearer".
You can use the list of test cards to explore the payment process.

Live Configuration:

Please, choose live Mode, and use your live token.

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